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Dental Implants

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Your comfort is our number 1 priority. We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized care that you deserve. Our commitment is to be the most innovative, collaborative, and affordable implant centre in Peel, York, and surrounding regions.

Replace Missing Teeth

When you don’t replace your missing teeth, your jawbone shrinks away and all your other teeth begins to shift and carry more weight than they should. This affects the way you eat and speak - even the way you look! With implants, you will be able to chew your favorite food with ease and speak with confidence.

Why You Might Need This Service

Why You Might
Need This Service

Implants are a wonderful way to replace missing teeth. They are artificial tooth roots that are fused in your bone to support an artificial tooth or denture. Here are several reasons why you might consider this treatment:

• A cracked or broken tooth that can’t be fixed.

• You are missing one or more of your natural teeth.

• Your partial or complete dentures are loose or don’t fit properly.

• Your teeth aren’t functioning properly when you speak or eat.

• You have an infected tooth that needs to be removed.

Affordable Option for Dentures

At South Hill Dental, we offer several different implant solutions. We will guide you through all the options most suitable for your needs. We offer free consultations and our fees start at $1000 for the placement of a single implant.

No more adhesives and denture glue!

South Hill Dental realizes the importance of implants, especially for denture wearers who suffer from constantly using adhesives. The most affordable option for implant dentures is the placement of 2 implants.

After the implants fuse to the bone, the denture can be held in through attachments on the implant. The teeth can be removed for cleaning and adhesives can be eliminated in 98% of cases. It will return your confidence in chewing and speaking without having to worry that the denture will move in your mouth.

What to Expect From Your Appointment

The implant is placed in the area of your missing teeth under local anesthesia (freezing). Afterwards, you may experience slight discomfort or swelling but will be prescribed pain medications to help with your recovery.

After 3 to 6 months, the implant will be ready to accept an artificial tooth or denture. During this time, the implant will fuse with the bone. Your doctor may give you a temporary crown, bridge, or denture so that you won’t be left without a tooth.

Now Booking Appointments

Make your smile that much brighter, give us a call to book.

Now Booking Appointments

Make your smile that much brighter, give us a call to book.

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