Reasons Why You Might Need Emergency Dentistry Services

Reasons Why You Might Need Emergency Dentistry Services

Oct 14, 2020

When you are feeling low-level pain or discomfort in your teeth, gums, or jaws, you might waitlonger to see your dentist. However, some situations can cause much pain and discomfort that you would want to make an emergency dental appointment.

In such cases, you should not wait longer. Waiting longer can lead to further complications that would require complex treatments. Do you know what situations are considered to be dental emergencies? Below are some ofthe situations that would require immediate attention from your emergency dentist?

Knocked-Out or Broken Tooth

You might be involved in an accident while playing sports or during any outdoor activity, thus breaking or knocking out your tooth. In such a case, you are likely to experience excruciating pain and discomfort.

Also, if you don’t act quickly, you might be at risk of losing your tooth permanently. Your tooth can only be saved within an hour after being dislodged from its socket. Therefore, you should seek emergency dental care right away.

To reduce pain, you can place an ice pack on your face over the affected area as you wait to go to the emergency dental clinic near you. Also, put the fallen out tooth in milk and carry it to the dentist’s office.

Unexplained Toothache

Are you experiencing a toothache you can’t explain its origin? You might experience discomfort and feel traumatized and can’t wait to visit a dentist during regular working hours. In such a scenario, you might want to book an appointment with an emergency dentist.

If you leave the pain untreated, you might be at risk of infection, abscess, tooth loss or dental trauma. Before going to the dentist’s office, youcan place a cold compress on your face over the area to reduce pain. However, do not use pain-relieving medications without a prescription from your dentist.

Bleeding Gums

A bleeding gum can be as a result of gum disease, tissue injury, or plaque build-up. If your gums start bleeding and you can’t control it, you might need immediate dental care. When you leave the problem untreated, your mouth can experience dental trauma or shock.

Also, you might lose a lot of blood, causing other general health issues. To control bleeding, you can place a gauze or a tea bag over the site.


Tooth or gum abscesses appear as white spots on the gum or gum line. You might not notice the abscesses until they start becoming painful. The pain associated with abscesses can lead to discomfort whereby you can’t open or put anything in your mouth since you can’t bear anything touching your tooth.

In such a case, you should not wait until it is regular dental office hours. You can contact our dentist at South Hill Dental for immediate dental care. In the mean-time, gurgling using clove oil would be helpful.

Chipped Crown or Missed Filling

Sometimes you might notice when you have a chipped crown or missing dental filling. Other times you might not notice but will feel a strange taste of coins in your mouth.

When you experience such a scenario, you should not ignore the feeling. If you leave a missing filling or a chipped crown, you might need a more invasive procedure such as a root canal therapy. Therefore, you should seek immediate dental care.

Exposed Nerves

If you have exposed nerves, you can experience excruciating pain and sometimes can’t go on with your activities. Also, sometimes if you have a tooth abscess as well as exposed nerves, the pain might stop abruptly. In such a case, your nerves might have experienced damage to losing their sensitivity.

Therefore, seeking a provider for emergency dentistry in Caledon, ON, would be helpful.


Swelling on your mouth or jaw for no apparent reason should be an issue you should not ignore. However, the swelling can be as a result of inflamed lymph nodes to gum infections. In rare cases, swelling can be a sign of oral cancer.

In some cases, you might be experiencing excruciating pain and shift the focus from the swelling. However, you should not ignore both dental issues.

To prevent more swelling, you can apply an ice pack over the area. Sometimes, the first aid might not be helpful. Therefore, seeking emergency dentistry services near you would be significant.

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