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Dental Fillings in Bolton, ON

When you’re searching for a dentist near you that offers a range of solutions for dental fillings, there’s no better choice than the team at South Hill Dentist. We know that patients like you appreciate having a selection of materials to choose from when looking for a tooth filling dentist near you for a dental filling or any other type of dental restoration. That’s why our multi-specialty dentist in Bolton, ON, provides a broad suite of materials, including tooth-colored, for dental fillings near you.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Keep Your Dental Work Secret

No one wants to announce to the world that they’ve had restorative dental work done. That’s why tooth-colored dental fillings in Bolton, ON, from our dentist are one of the most popular choices.

Also known as composite resin fillings, our dentist can custom match the colour of your teeth filling to your teeth so no one will have to know that you had previously experienced tooth decay. This material is not as durable as a metal filling, and for that reason, it may not be suited for every dental filling, but you can learn whether or not you’re a candidate by making an appointment with our dentist.

There Are Benefits to Silver Fillings

If you’re concerned about cost, durability, or procedure time, you may want to consider a silver filling – especially if the filling will be in an area of your mouth that’s not easily seen. There are pros and cons to every type of filling material, including whether or not you’re a candidate for specific types of materials, so it’s impossible for us to recommend one material over another without a consultation.

Our top priority at South Hill Dentist is to provide you with a smile that is not only beautiful but functional in its performance and durability. For example, we will recommend a dental filling when that treatment is most suited to the long-term health of your teeth, but there may be times when a seriously infected tooth will benefit more from a root canal and dental crown.

Wondering About Your Treatment Options?

Learn more about dental fillings from our Bolton, ON, dentist as well as the other restorative procedures that you may be a candidate for by using our convenient online booking tool to make an appointment for a consultation and treatment plan today.

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