Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Bolton, ON

Many people lose teeth to decay or in accidents. If you lose one, then our dentists at South Hill Dental in Bolton, ON can replace it to keep your teeth healthy. Teeth implants look so much like real teeth that most people will not be able to tell they are replacement teeth.

What is a Dental Implant?

An implant is a replacement tooth that comes in three pieces. It has a “root” that consists of a titanium post and an abutment that connects the root to the crown of the tooth.

Dental Implant Process

When you decide to get teeth implants, our dentists at South Hill Dental in Bolton, Caledon, ON, will need to evaluate your mouth and jaw to determine if you qualify for them. Decay can erode the jawbone as well as tooth enamel, so they will check the density and length of the jaw to see if it can hold implants.

If two or more implants are going into your mouth side by side, then there needs to be enough space between them to install them. Also, the jaw needs to be thick enough to hold them firmly as well. If your jaw lacks the density or space for the implants, then you may need another option to replace your teeth.

Placing the Implants

After passing the evaluation, our dentist at South Hill Dental in Bolton, ON, will prepare your mouth for surgery to place the implants. During the surgery, the patient’s gum is cut open to expose the amount of bone necessary for the implants. Then, the dentist will drill deep into the bone to place the titanium posts.

In some procedures, the abutment will also go onto each post before the surgeon closes the gum. It takes between four to six months to fully heal from implant surgery, and then, the crown gets placed onto the abutment.

Getting dental implants is not a quick procedure, so you need to consider how long you’re willing to wait to replace your teeth. The implant process takes several months to complete.

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