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Dental Veneers in Bolton, ON

Our trained dentists have helped hundreds of patients get a better smile. We recommend dental veneers for correcting chipped, discoloured, cracked, or misshapen teeth. Veneers are professionally applied to the front surface of teeth to mask small imperfections.

Thanks to modern dentistry and the expertise of our experienced team, our patients at South Hill Dental can enjoy choosing from an extensive range of state-of-the-art restorations. Our dentist may recommend partial veneers for minimal defects and full veneers for more substantial defects that are visible. Full and partial veneers are usually placed on front teeth.

Procedure for Partial Veneers

Partial veneers cover a small portion of the tooth’s surface and help cover localized dental defects. They are especially useful in covering pits, grooves, or missing parts of the teeth enamel.

The steps for placing partial composite veneers are outlined below:

  • The dentist will first clean your teeth
  • We will then help you choose a suitable shade under natural light
  • The dentist will place cotton balls to isolate the tooth in question. This helps protect it from saliva contamination.
  • If the extent of tooth damage is greater, we may use local anesthesia to reduce sensitivity.

The tooth is roughened, etched, and prepared for receiving the veneer. Finally, our dentist in Bolton, ON, will place the partial composite veneer on the defected area.

Procedure for Full Veneers

Full direct veneers are usually used to mask widespread dental defects, especially on the upper or lower jaw’s front teeth. Once we help you select the veneer’s shade, our team will rinse, dry, and etch the tooth in question.

The dentist will then apply the bonding agent and carefully place the full composite veneer. Full dental veneers are usually placed in layers, and treating multiple teeth may require more than two sittings. The placement of veneers requires a high level of precision and experience.

While partial and full veneers can instantly mask imperfections and stains, they are usually not a permanent cure. Proper brushing and flossing can help extend their lifespan.

Please contact South Hill Dental in Bolton, ON, for full and partial veneers near you.

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