Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Bolton, ON

If you have kids or like to do extreme sports, like mountain biking or rock climbing, then you may have experience with dental emergencies. While being in pain or seeing your child in pain is a helpless feeling, our dentists at South Hill Dental in Bolton, ON, are available after hours and on weekends for dental emergency.

Emergency Dental Services

Although we are open after normal business hours or on Saturday or Sunday, they are for dental emergencies only. Not every dental issue is an emergency, so to make it easier to define them, here are some clues when you should call or come in for dental emergency treatment.

If there has been trauma to the tooth and it feels loose, gets knocked out, breaks, or has cracks in it, then you should contact us for an emergency appointment. If you lose a filling or crown due to trauma, then also contact us to see one of our dentists.

However, if a filling or crown comes out without trauma, then save the piece if it comes out intact and make a regular appointment for one of our dentists to examine your tooth and replace the filling or crown. In emergency dentistry situations, rinse out your mouth with warm water, keep any teeth or tooth fragments you find, and bring them with you to an appointment wrapped in damp gauze.

Is Dental Discomfort an Emergency?

If you or your child wakes up with a toothache, then it may not be a dental emergency. Assess the tooth and the level of discomfort that you’re in before contacting South Hill Dental in Bolton, ON, for an emergency dentistry appointment.

If the discomfort is mild or decreases with an over-the-counter pain reliever, then you should wait until normal business hours to make a regular dental appointment. However, emergency dentistry may be necessary if you’re in severe discomfort. The discomfort may be the result of an abscess, which needs immediate attention.

The dentist will examine the tooth and prescribe medications to heal the infection and reduce your pain. Our dentists in Bolton, ON, can help reduce symptoms and start the process of saving your tooth.

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