Pinhole Surgery

Pinhole Surgery in Bolton, ON

Gum recession is a common problem following periodontal disease. Many of our patients ask us about pinhole surgery in Bolton, ON. At South Hill Dental, we regularly use this procedure to treat gum recession. In gum recession, the amount of gum tissue covering the teeth is decreased, and the roots might be exposed.

Finding a dentist near you to treat your gum recession is important. There are a few ways it can be treated. Before pinhole surgery, grafts were the only treatment option. Using soft tissue grafts from donors or other structures in the mouth, we would replace missing gum tissue. Pinhole surgery near you, however, is less invasive.

Pinhole Surgery Technique

Pinhole surgery is minimally invasive. No incisions or stitches are made in the gums. We’ll use a tiny needle to create a small hole in the gums. Next, we’ll use our tools to loosen the gums and reposition them, so they cover more of the teeth. No sutures are made as we’re just readjusting what’s already there.

In enhanced pinhole surgery, we can use platelet-rich plasma to promote healing and speed up the process. Platelet-rich plasma is extracted from your blood and used to help you heal faster. Very few dentists across the world can perform pinhole surgery, and at South Hill Dental, we’re proud to provide this kind of treatment to our patients.

Benefits of Pinhole Surgery Technique

There are multiple benefits to pinhole surgery technique as opposed to grafts. Pinhole surgery is associated with less discomfort following the procedure and faster recovery. Recovering from graft surgery takes longer and requires the use of sutures.

No invasive tools are used in pinhole surgery. The entire procedure is minimally invasive. We’ll just create a hole and use it to reposition your gums. The results of pinhole surgery are immediate. You’ll walk out of our office with an improved smile while your gums continue to heal over the next several days. It makes plenty of sense to look for a dentist in Bolton, ON, who can perform pinhole surgery as the results are fast, long-lasting, and natural.

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