Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Bolton, ON

The way your teeth look plays a big part in your appearance. If your teeth seem dingy and dull, then your smile may not shine as it should, and it can make you appear older. Fortunately, our dentists at South Hill Dental in Bolton, ON, can help improve how teeth appear with teeth whitening treatments.

Why Do Teeth Needing Whitening?

Many of the foods and drinks that people consume can stain their teeth. Tomato-based foods, coffee, soy sauce, or blueberries can cause stains due to their acidic nature or dark colors.

Why Professional Whitening is Better

Many dental whitening systems are available to make teeth appear white again. Although whitening toothpaste, gels, mouth rinses, and kits are available in pharmacies or department stores, these over-the-counter items don’t clean as well as professional systems. They can also damage teeth if used improperly.

There are several methods for teeth whitening that you may read about. At South Hill Dental, our dentist in Bolton, ON, use the ZOOM teeth bleaching system because it can whiten teeth in just two hours. Other systems require several sessions before teeth appear whiter.

The ZOOM Whitening Process

ZOOM only takes about an hour to do, but our dentists in Bolton, ON, clean teeth before whitening them. The cleaning allows them to check that your teeth and gums are healthy. After the cleaning, a preparation goes onto your lips and gums to make sure they are not bleached along with your teeth.

Then, a bleaching gel, which contains a 25 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide, goes onto your teeth. A UV light then activates the solution to whiten them. The light activation takes 15 minutes, and there are three sessions within about 45 minutes. After the sessions are over, a fluoride gel goes onto the teeth.

ZOOM whitening can last up to two years, but if your teeth get dingy before then, our dentists at South Hill Dental in Bolton, ON, will make sure you get a ZOOM touch-up kit to bleach your teeth at home.

Teeth Bleaching not only makes your teeth look better, but it can make you feel and look younger as well because your teeth will look brighter and healthier.

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