The Top 3 Myths About Dental Implants & Why You Should Seriously Consider Getting Them

The Top 3 Myths About Dental Implants & Why You Should Seriously Consider Getting Them

Jun 17, 2020

The loss of one or more teeth can impact eating, speech, and even the attractiveness of your smile. There are many ways to replace your missing teeth but one of the best solution is through the use of dental implants. They provide a long-lasting, natural looking solution to rejuvenating your smile!

At South Hill Dental, we often hear myths about dental implants that can make people uneasy in moving forward with the procedure. We’re here to address those rumours and give you full confidence in getting your smile back!

1. MYTH: Dental implants look & feel fake

Dental implants are made of titanium that intimately fuses with the jaw. It acts similar to roots of natural teeth, anchoring crowns, bridges, and even full-arch dentures so they can function and look identical to real teeth.

2. MYTH: Getting dental implants is scary & painful

Generally, implants can be done under local anaesthetic, similar to fillings and other minor procedures. At South Hill Dental, there are a variety of options in case you are anxious before and during the procedure. We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, and even intravenous conscious sedation so that you can be relaxed during the procedure.

3. MYTH: Dental implants are too expensive

At South Hill Dental, we believe that dental implants should be an affordable option for tooth replacement. We are proud to work closely with dental implant suppliers and laboratories to provide the best treatment outcomes at the most affordable fees. Our fees start at $999 for the placement of a single implant and range up to $30000 for full mouth implant rehabilitation. We also offer concierge services to help our patients with plans if you are travelling from out of town or internationally.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding dental implants, give our office a call at 905-533-4000 so we can disucss next steps!

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