Top 5 Ways to Combat Bad Breath… AKA “Mask Mouth”

Top 5 Ways to Combat Bad Breath… AKA “Mask Mouth”

Sep 01, 2020

Maybe you’ve had bad breath for a while or maybe you’re only noticing it now that you’re stuck wearing a mask all day long. Even though masks are here to stay in our new COVID19 reality, your bad breath doesn’t have to stick around for any longer…

Check out our top 5 tipsfor combatting bad breath. Trust us, dentists know a little something about wearing masks all day & keeping that oral hygiene fresh…

1. Floss your teeth.

In addition to brushing your teeth 2x per day, you should be flossing regularly. Flossing can help remove trapped food particles and plaque that contribute to bad breath.


Or use a tongue scraper. Bacteria and food can accumulate on your tongue throughout the day causing bad breath so don’t forget to scrub it down along with your pearly whites.

3. You’re not a dentist, so go see one!

Regular hygiene appointments (aka your recall cleaning) help maintain your oral health because the dentist can clean hard to reach bacteria in your gums that you can’t get to yourself. These cleanings also help maintain the health of your gums, preventing the dreaded gum disease gingivitis which, you guessed it, also causes bad breath.

4. Drink more water.

There are so many reasons to drink more water, one of them being preventing bad breath. Water helps to clear any extra food particles lingering on your teeth and stimulate your salivary glands to help clear bacteria. This is especially important if you have dry mouth or are on medications that cause dry mouth.

5. Be wise, get those wisdom teeth out!

Your wisdom teeth are so far back in your mouth it can make brushing and flossing really difficult, making for perfect conditions for bacterial growth.

Good luck on your journey to fresher breath, if all else fails – breathe through your nose!

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