Why Are Dental Fillings Necessary for Your Teeth?

Why Are Dental Fillings Necessary for Your Teeth?

Jan 01, 2022

People fear the thought of getting their teeth drilled at the dentist’s office to receive cavity fillings. Although the treatment is cringeworthy essential reasons exist why people should undergo the therapy soon as South Hill Dental recommends it.

When tooth decay creates permanent damage to your tooth, getting dental fillings in Bolton, ON is an excellent solution to protect the healthy parts of the tooth for help in maintaining long-term mental health.

Tooth Fillings for Cavity Treatment

Tooth fillings for cavity treatment is a standard procedure performed by dental fillings in Bolton, ON. The treatment requires no longer than 30 to 45 minutes per tooth, depending on the extent of the damage created by tooth decay. You may think putting off the treatment for later will not create more harm to your already damaged tooth. However, you will likely express surprise when you learn the bacteria inside your tooth continue creating more damage to make you susceptible to receiving expensive treatments from the dentist unless rectified immediately. Therefore whenever you are recommended tooth fillings for cavities, you must have the tooth restored for the reasons mentioned below.

Tooth Structure Weakens with Cavities

The occurrence of tooth decay ensures the cavity infects the tooth’s inner structure that cavity fillings must protect from bacteria. The damage to the internal system causes pain and infection within the tooth, sending you searching for an emergency dentist near you to alleviate the tooth pain.

Cavities left untreated have an adverse impact on the functionality of the tooth. In addition, an untreated cavity results in severe infections and pain that may require root canal treatment or extractions eventually. However, if you accept your dentist’s advice, you prevent unnecessary pain and expenses by restoring the tooth without delaying treatment.

Cavity Fillings Restore the Functionality of the Tooth

The decayed portion of the tooth is comfortably removable with a dental drill. Dentists don’t put you through the treatment without administering local anesthesia to ensure you feel no pain but merely some pressure. After decay removal, the dentist cleans the cavity for bacteria and debris removal and disinfects it, preparing the tooth for the filling.

The filling helps restore the original function of the tooth. When dentists fill the gaps and shape the tooth naturally, they restore your ability to chew and bite with the tooth. Standard functionality is essential because it helps maintain regular everyday activities without disruption because you have dental problems.

Excellent quality dental fillings are durable and long-lasting. If you need dental fillings on a molar, the dentist recommends silver amalgam or gold fillings lasting over two decades. Unfortunately, if tooth decay has affected you in the anterior region, dentists provide composite fillings resembling the natural colour of your tooth. Therefore you won’t have to display your fillings to everyone when you try to smile.

Although dental fillings are durable, they need replacements over time because not all dental fillings are as durable as silver amalgam or gold. For example, composite fillings need replacements every five to seven years. In addition, sometimes old fillings can break or crack, needing replacements to restore your tooth.

Are Cavity Fillings Suitable for You?

Before recommending cavity filling treatment, your dentist assesses your dental health to determine whether the treatment is suitable for your situation. In some cases, if you have extensive damage, the dentist may recommend a dental crown instead of fillings. Dental inlays & Onlays are also beneficial for the restoration if a comprehensive portion of the tooth has incurred damages. Your dentist is the optimal professional to determine which filling material or alternatives you should consider to restore your permanently damaged tooth.

Preventing the Need for Cavity Fillings Isn’t Challenging

If you want to prevent the need for cavity fillings, you must incorporate certain oral hygiene habits into your lifestyle. Besides brushing and flossing your teeth, as the dentist recommends, it helps if you refrain from having sugary and starchy foods or limit them as best possible. If you cannot control your craving for the foods mentioned, you must ensure that you brush and floss your teeth immediately after having them. Visiting your dentist for six-monthly checkups helps detect anomalies with your teeth to receive recommendations for restoring them.

If you develop tooth decay and cavities after incorporating all the precautions suggested and receive a recommendation for cavity fillings, welcome it as an opportunity from the dentist in Bolton, ON to preserve your natural tooth and prevent unnecessary and expensive dental procedures.

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